Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


One year ago from today, Frank and I sat in front of the Nordstrom's in Hillsdale mall and laid the foundation for Rude Etiquette. We discussed the idea around Rude, wat it meant, what and where we could go and what our logo should be. And now, 365 days later we have:

-released our Inauguration Collection

-launched a website on our own (Thanks to Frankly Rude!)

-released our SF Giants Orange Wheel

-experienced a less than successful attempt at vendoring a dance showcase (a great experience nonetheless)

-released our Rudependence Day Collection

-did our first photoshoot with models other than ourselves (thanks Paul and Nicole!)

-launched our online shop

-did our first consignment deal with Know Your Roots Apparel in San Jose (Thanks Michael and the KYR crew!)

-launched our Facebook Storefront (thanks Karl!)

-produced our first cut n' sew t-shirts aka RUDEmentary shirts

There are probably some things I left out, but I must say that while writing the list I can't believe how much we've achieved in just one year; especially since Rude is (unfortunately) not our day jobs, but rather our 2 in the morning jobs! There is so much we want to accomplish in 2011 and the identity of Rude Etiquette is slowly but surely taking shape with our introduction into the world of cut n sew and out of the world of just graphic tees.

In 2011 we hope to achieve a few things:

-delve deeper into cut n' sew and possibly get to the point where we produce a coat/jacket for Fall/Winter with product such as button ups, pants, jewelry etc. etc. in between

-attend our first Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas! Probably just as guests of another brand, but to just be exposed to the world and make some connections would be wonderful!

-MAKE MORE TIME FOR RUDE ETIQUETTE! We know that recently there hasn't been too much activity on our end and we apologize for that. We're all working hard to try and keep Rude going, but to be honest it's hard when the 3 of us are leading our own lives and trying to make a living. Like I said before, Rude Etiquette is not our 9-5 although we wish it was. We're lucky to get together for meetings once every 2 weeks nowadays because our schedules do not agree with one another. So, hopefully in 2011 we'll develop a system where we set concrete time each week to work on Rude together and we can all see some amazing results!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us from day one and at any point during this past year. It truly has been an amazing ride so far and we are further down the road than we expected to be.

Thank you to The Brooklyn Circus, Black Scale, Know Your Roots Apparel, Purist SJ, RAD is RAD, Bows & Arrows, Two Inch Cuffs, and Thorocraft for your kind words, friendships, and inspiration. Rude Etiquette would be no where without the support of these brands.

And a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Tom of INVS and Mr. You have been our close friend, confidant, and mentor in our learning process about this business, for me (Daryn) especially. Your friendship and advice is invaluable to Rude Etiquette. THANK YOU!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RUDEmentary - Quality is Basic

From the first day we all agreed to man this Rude Etiquette ship, we knew that we wanted to steer toward the cut n sew world one day; and that day came sooner than we expected. Above is a little preview of what we've been up to for the last couple of months. Our dear friends at Mister graciously lent a hand to us and let us use their t-shirt fit and fabric to create our first cut n sew tees! The fit is Mister, but the details are Rude Etiquette. The detail in the picture is of our tan patches that we hope will provide a nice contrast piece as well as less branding. Another detail we added was a floral contrasting size panel where we have hand stamped size labels. Yup! HAND STAMPED by yours truly at Rude Etiquette. No one shirt is the same!

So, why plain t-shirts you may ask? Well, we didn't want to get too ahead of ourselves and start, say, a button up. Time is limited as it is for all three of us unfortunatley. We thought that dipping our toes in with a t-shirt would be a nice gradual entrance; and for the most part it has been. We plan on selling some of the tees as blanks and also using some for some new prints we'll have next year. We're also still waiting on a special project that we're hoping to release as a special 1 Year Anniversary piece. It's still a t-shirt, but with a little something extra ; ). We're not trying to be a basic men's line, that's what our good friends at Mr. are for! We're planning on expanding our cut n sew line more in the upcoming year with hopefully a button up and much more! But, as you may know, cut n sew takes a lot of time and money, so please be patient and help us out by picking up some Rude garments!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tweed Ride 2010 (Washington)

Tweed Ride 2010 from Steven Greenstreet on Vimeo.

Two of Rude Etiquette's favorite things! Bikes (Penny Farthings!) and TWEED! Get a little bit of past, mixed with present and a litte unique-ness and this visual captures what we at Rude hope to one day accomplish. We don't literally want to capture the essence of this era in time, but we do want to hopefully become timeless...

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Facebook Storefront

Some of you may have noticed a new tab on our Facebook page entitled "Storefront". (And if you haven't go check it out!) Well, the "Storefront" is well...a STORE! YUP! A Rude Etiquette online store right on our Facebook page! We made the "soft launch" of the store on Black Friday; which pretty much means we didn't really announce it, but the store is UP! We are very fortunate to have Frankly Rude working at the Equinox Gym in Palo Alto (one of his various jobs). Frank meets many great contacts working at Equinox and picked up a very valuable one about a month ago. It just so happened that this contact was creating an application on Facebook that allows people to sell their goods without ever leaving their Facebook page!

We couldn't let a great opportunity like this pass us! Everybody and their mother uses Facebook, so having a storefront right on Facebook can give us the ability of sharing Rude with mroe people than we could have imagined! We de-activated our "Profile" page and now just have a Page which you can "Like". So, if you haven't already, PLEASE "Like" the page and PLEASE suggest the page to your friends and family!

We're currently in the process of discussing some sort of "Grand Opening" where we might mark down all our older pieces and introduce the NEW project(s) we've been working very hard on! The new product should be done in the next week or so and we're VERY EXCITED to share them with the world! So, please stay tuned and keep checking back on our Facebook page and on the blog!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Go out and take advantage of some great Black Friday deals that some of our friends are putting on!

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From all of us at Rude Etiquette, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! This is our first Thanksgiving together as Rude and we're very happy and thankful for all your love and support! Look out for great new things soon!